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This Twitter Video About How Women Show Off Their New Nails Is Both Hilarious And Accurate 😂

@officialayekev/Twitter, @cpatz_94/Twitter

We know not everyone feels fierce with their nails done. (Nope, nails aren't just for the ladies. Plenty of men rock a mani-pedi with pride and people of all genders love feeling fierce with a full set.) If you're one of those people who is better with short nails then this article isn't for you. But if you've ever left the nail salon feeling like a clawed goddess who totally needs their own theme music and wind machine —then welcome. You're among friends.

The Alaska rule exists for a reason, people.

Twitter comedian Kev has apparently seen the unofficial "just got my nails done" dance about a zillion times. He posted a video that dragged all of the nail-fanatics in under a minute. Just 58 little seconds was all it took for Kev to prove that yeah, we're pretty much all the same. Extra AF.

New nails, who dis?

Twitter couldn't get enough of the clip. Has any video ever been more accurate? We think not.

It wasn't long before the post turned into an excuse to share pictures of our nails living their best lives. Because any reason to share pictures of your manicure is a good reason to share pictures of your manicure.

Great, now we've got a million new nail design ideas we have to go try out. See you at the salon!

H/T: Buzzfeed, Twitter