This Job Posting Is Getting One Big Eye Roll From The Internet—And For Good Reason

RapidEye via Getty Images // yahyeetskrrt/Reddit

Many employers prioritize the well-being of their employees, making sure their wages are livable and proportionate to their training and experience.

The poster of this job is not one of those employers.

It all started when Redditor yahyeetskrrt posted a picture of a job listing.

It's unclear what the position was for, but what is clear is that the job demanded a master's degree, yet only offers $15.24 for in compensation. In many states, that's barely over the minimum wage.

Two additional years of education and likely thousands of dollars in tuition?

Thanks, but we hate it too—and so did many other Redditors.

"Well... that's just depressing." ~ Jimi-Thang
"As a first day plumbing apprentice I made more than this. How horrifying." ~ cheezcake1986 "College for 6 years only to be offered $15 an hour. That's beyond annoying to see." ~ PhukneeBone
"I enjoy the entry level position with 5 years experience needed paradox" ~ moe_hawkins
"Please go to university for 6 years, get 2 degrees, go $100,000 into debt, and then maybe you can make just above minimum wage!" ~ amy4947
"I make 20$/hour as a supervisor at a valet company. This is just sad." ~ Peaceandeducation
"Wow, that's 29¢ more an hour than working at a Seattle McDonald's." ~ roadrunner1978

Sadly, others had similar experiences in the past.

"I came across labour job a little while ago that wanted applicants to have 3 years of post secondary education, nothing in particular. It was a warehouse job moving boxes around..." ~ airsey18
"Will have a master's degree completed next month. Make $15.20 per hour. You take what you can get to survive (or try to)."
"Doesn't make it right though." ~ VoxelBase

Get it together, America.

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