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These Incredibly Kind Things Teachers Have Done For Their Students Have Us Crying Happy Tears

These Incredibly Kind Things Teachers Have Done For Their Students Have Us Crying Happy Tears

While Chasten Buttigieg is wondering whether his husband Pete will officially announce his candidacy for the 2020 presidential election, he sought to generate some feels on Twitter.

Teachers are some of the most inspirational role models we've ever had in our formative years. Their contribution to society can't be praised enough for their patience and guidance in shaping us into who we are today.

So Chasten asked the social media platform to share inspiring moments of teachers going out of their way to help students, much like how they've helped him.

Twitter did not disappoint, and now we're all reaching for some tissues. Thanks a lot, Chasten!

To get the conversation started, Chasten shared an anecdote about how a teacher provided him with an environment where he can be himself, which led him to the world of theater.

"For me, my high school drama teacher knew I needed a safe space. She let me "hide" with her in the auditorium when I needed to."
"She's the reason I fell in love with the stage and found community and acceptance in theater. Love you, Mrs. Bach!"

Matt's teacher was instrumental in building up his confidence after being a victim of incessant bullying.

The attached letter reads:

"Dear Matthew, there are many who will pass you in life. But none to equal that strength of character that shines from you like a star."
"Your loyalty and your devotion to others luminates and breeds warmth in all around you. Do not allow those who are jealous to stifle your spirit."
"You're too great a diamond to be squashed to mere stone. Love, from Mrs. Shearman."

If your eyes are still dry, this is only the beginning.

One teacher abstained from perpetuating a culture of fear in the wake of 9/11 and educated his students about middle eastern politics as a way for everyone attempt to make sense of things.

This former student was given a safety net in case coming out to his parents didn't work out well.

After helping Kasey overcome her social anxiety, her 3rd grade teacher remained an encouraging presence for years to come.

This student was offered a safe space after suffering from an anxiety attack.

This teacher's support extended out beyond the confines of a classroom.

Teachers don't stop being influential after you graduate.

Matt's teacher introduced him to queer writing, ultimately helping him to carve out a path to pay it forward as an English professor.

When Marisa's mom was ailing, her 6th grade teacher took her back-to-school shopping.

Nick gained confidence after being encouraged to be more vocal about sharing his opinions.

This is why some teachers are real life superheroes.

Have you thanked your teachers today?