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There's A Good Chance You Saw Those Twins From 'Us' When They Were Just Babies

There's A Good Chance You Saw Those Twins From 'Us' When They Were Just Babies
Dia Dipasupil/WireImage/GettyImages, @mashable/Twitter

Besides getting creeped out after watching Jordan Peele's latest masterpiece, Us introduced us to actresses you may have seen before.

However, there is no way audiences can recognize the twins in Peele's latest fright-fest.

That's because the last time we saw 16-year-old twins Cali and Noelle Sheldon, they were toddlers.

The revelation from their past, while pretty cool, will also make you feel very old.

If you were a Friends fan, you may recall that Rachel and Ross' baby was played by twins.

PEOPLE revealed in January that the same infant twins alternating in the role of baby Emma – the love child of everyone's favorite TV couple from the 90s – was Cali and Noelle, the same girls playing the daughters of Kitty, played by Elizabeth Moss, in Us.

Not only are the Sheldon sisters of legal driving age, but they're terrifying moviegoers at a theater near you.

What's the most shocking thing about Us? Maybe the fact that the twins are just making us feel ancient.

Cali posted a picture of she and her sister as tykes on Instagram, captioning it with:

"My partner in crime since '02... happy birthday noelle!"

Noelle echoed back the sentiment with picture of their current, teen-aged selves.

Cali and Noelle aren't the only actors to have played a Friends baby.

Riverdale's Cole Sprouse was Ross's son, Ben Geller, on the show, and he has matured into a heartthrob.

Sprouse is 26-years-old. He wasn't even born yet when Friends debuted back in 1994, when Jennifer Anniston was 24.

Let that sink in.

According to Mashable, this is the Sheldon sisters' first time sharing the screen together since Friends.

Us is the followup to director Jordan Peele's critically-acclaimed thriller Get Out and stars Lupita Nyong'o, Winston Duke, Shahadi Wright Joseph, Evan Alex, Elisabeth Moss, and Tim Heidecker. It follows the story of an African American family who is terrorized by an eerie family of doppelgängers.

"So happy I got to be a part of this movie, it looks amazing and terrifying!," wrote Noelle accompanied with a trailer for Us.

Her caption followed emojis of scissors. Yikes.

Here's the Us trailer from her Instagram post.

Friends wrapped up for good in 2003, and most of the cast has not stopped working. It's nice to see the twins rebooting their acting career being featured in such a high profile production.

But seeing them all grown up reminds us of our lightning speed life trajectory. Make every moment count, guys!

I suppose no one told you life was gonna be this way. (clap-clap-clap-clap)