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Scene Confirming Same-Sex Romance Allegedly Cut From 'The Marvels'—And LGBTQ+ Fans Are Crying Foul

Fans are not pleased after learning Disney allegedly cut a scene featuring a reference to a romantic relationship between Captain Marvel and Valkyrie in 'The Marvels.'

Image of the three leads from "The Marvels"
Marvel Studios/Disney

It has been reported that Disney cut a scene featuring a reference to a romantic relationship between Captain Marvel and Valkyrie in The Marvels, prompting many LGBTQ+ fans to cry foul.

Dear White People star Tessa Thompson plays Valkyrie, a character whose appearance in the film alongside Brie Larson's Carol Danvers intrigued fans about a potential romantic connection.

Despite Valkyrie's status as the King of New Asgard, fan speculation suggested that her interaction with Carol might move beyond friendship. While the film doesn't outright confirm a romantic bond, their on-screen chemistry and scenes together hint at a close relationship, including Valkyrie kissing Carol on the cheek.

Entertainment social media page Can We Get Some Toast reported that a crucial scene confirming their past relationship was omitted from the final edit.

The excised scene supposedly had the two discussing that they "work better as friends," implying a past romantic involvement.

The fact it was cut angered fans who criticized Disney for the removal and have called for the release of an extended version of the film.

The MCU has established that Valkyrie is bisexual—but has never actually shown her with a love interest.

Interestingly, Thompson toldThe Los Angeles Times in 2019—the year Captain Marvel was released—that "it's so cool and it's time" for Valkyrie and Captain Marvel to confirm their relationship and affection for each other because there are "so many compelling female characters inside of the MCU."

Director Taika Waititi had similar intentions in Thor: Ragnarok to hint at Valkyrie's sexuality, with a scene showing a woman leaving her apartment. However, due to audience confusion during test screenings, the subtle nod was cut. Waititi later expressed that they should have been more explicit about Valkyrie's sexuality.

Thompson herself said "that particular moment didn't make sense in the context of the scene" but added that despite the cuts, she has continued to play Valkyrie "as a woman that's queer."