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The Record-Setting July Heatwave Has Inspired Some Truly Hot Jokes

The Record-Setting July Heatwave Has Inspired Some Truly Hot Jokes
Kondo Photography via Getty Images // @theboytooley/Twitter

The United Kingdom braced for record-breaking heat on Thursday as temperatures climbed above 86 degrees Fahrenheit in some parts of the country by mid-morning.

A new temperature record for July was set after the mercury reached 36.9C (98.4F) at Heathrow Airport, and the Met Office predicted that temperatures could rise to 102 degrees in some spots by the end of the day.

With forecasters estimating that temperatures could rise above the current all-time UK temperature record of 101F on Thursday, social media users took to Twitter to marvel and complain.

Here are some of the best memes that sum up the country's reaction to the sweltering summer temperatures.

1. People made dramatic cartoon comparisons.

2. Going to bed in a heatwave felt like sleeping on the sun.

3. Some Twitter users vowed to live in their freezers.

4. The air conditioning was a powerful force.

5. Some people in the UK needed good luck.

6. People had to be particularly brave to use the London Underground.

7. People wondered what clothing they could get away with at work…

8. Some Twitter users reported that even their electronics couldn't cope with the heat.

9. Lastly, one Twitter user posted a warning to keep candles inside.

Met Office experts said the current weather pattern is driving hot air from the south, with temperatures on Thursday reaching 86 degrees Fahrenheit by mid-morning.

It wasn't just the UK that experienced a recent heatwave, but some of the world's most prominent cities.

In Paris, temperatures climbed to a whopping 108 degrees Fahrenheit.

In New York City, temperatures climbed so high that the officials were forced to cancel the NYC Triathlon and OzyFest.

And there's a lot more summer left to go.