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Texas Teacher Fired After Asking Trump To 'Remove The Illegals' From Her School In What She Thought Were Private Tweets

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Georgia Clark, an English teacher in the Fort Worth, Texas area since 1998, was fired after a history of racially charged behavior finally came to a head with a series of tweets to Donald Trump.

Ms. Clark, as we said, has a history of racially charged behavior. In fact, she was very nearly fired over a 2013 complaint that she separated her classroom with "the Mexicans on one side, and the whites and blacks on the other."

She then told the "Mexican" children they needed to cross the border to "come into America."

The same complaint also included accounts of Ms. Clark telling her class that black kids end up in jail, calling her Caucasian students "white bread," accusing black children of being in gangs if they wore items of particular colors, and refusing to speak English to students of Hispanic descent—regardless of whether the child actually spoke Spanish.

She also called out groups of Hispanic/Latin children sitting together by labeling them "Little Mexico."

She was suspended and very nearly fired, but a group of teachers petitioned for her to be allowed to stay at that point. There was no such support in this instance.

In fact, this time around, 12 people spoke at her hearing and not a single one defended her.

The incident in question started when Ms. Clark filed a police report complaining that she was getting harassing texts in her phone calling her a racist. She was concerned that someone released her phone number and was encouraging people to harass her.

Investigators found that it was Ms. Clark herself who had unintentionally released her phone number. She sent out a series of tweets to Donald Trump complaining about "illegal" students in her school and asking that Trump step in.

She included multiple phone numbers to be reached at.

She also noted that she had already complained to her school district but felt they weren't doing enough and that she needed protection.

Also, a "gem" of a comment about Mexicans not honoring the flag.

Fort Worth ISD

Georgia Clark admitted to sending the tweets, but claimed she believed she was in private communication with the President and did not realize the tweets were public for all to see.

At the disciplinary proceedings, people brought up several points. Firstly, the Supreme Court decided in 1982 that all children, regardless of their status, were entitled to an education. So the children's immigration status was completely irrelevant.

Secondly, she could not possibly have known the immigration status of her students as she had no rights to their documentation.

Many speakers were concerned for the safety and wellbeing of the children.

"Her comments were hurtful, irresponsible, misleading, and disrespectful to the students she is supposed to protect and educate."
"Her comments created a threat that will directly result in children missing the education to which they are legally entitled because their parents will keep them home out of fear. "

The board unanimously voted to fire Georgia Clark.

School Board President Jacinto Ramos, Jr. commented:

"We wish to ensure these students that all children and their parents and/or guardians, that all children are welcome in Fort Worth ISD."

The story hit the media with a big bang:

Fort Worth ISD Board Terminates Teacher Georgia Clark's Contract After Illegal Immigration Twitter R

Twitter had an absolute field day with the situation.

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