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Texas Teacher Fired After Using High-Pitched Dog Whistle To Punish Students For 40 Minutes

Texas Teacher Fired After Using High-Pitched Dog Whistle To Punish Students For 40 Minutes

A teacher in Texas was fired after an incident some are describing as literal torture. The teacher used a high-pitched dog whistle to punish her class.

The teacher at Edge Middle School in Collin County, Texas was officially let go by the district earlier this week. However, she is still under investigation by police.

Despite this, not all parents are satisfied.

The incident took place on March 2, 2022.

While the teacher didn’t use a literal dog whistle, she instead found a website that plays high pitched noises younger people can hear, while older people can’t.

Zoey Lohrs, a student in the classroom, told local news NBC 5 DFW:

“She put on the ringing noise everyone was covering their ears. One of them walked out of the classroom, one of them was yelling that it was torture and one was trying to unplug the computer.”

The sound was played for the entire period, over 40 minutes. The students were begging the teacher to stop.

This left many questioning how the teacher could do something like this.

Even after the teacher was fired, the district reiterated an investigation was ongoing.

However, Zoey Lohrs’ mom doesn’t think this is enough.

Especially when her daughter has a sound sensitivity, one she says the school and teacher were aware of.

“I would understand if the teacher used it for a split second to gain the attention of the class but not for the excess of 40 minutes. Not when kids are begging you to stop.”

While Lohrs appreciates the principal who called her to tell her about the incident, she’s hoping more would be done.

As do many other parents, watching this incident with worry.

The district wouldn’t give an interview to the news, but provided a statement saying police are investigating the incident.