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Scared Commuters Scream And Flee As Teen Pranksters Pretend To Spill 'Coronavirus' All Over NYC Subway Car

Scared Commuters Scream And Flee As Teen Pranksters Pretend To Spill 'Coronavirus' All Over NYC Subway Car
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Coronavirus pranks are a thing now, folks, and we don't quite know how to feel about it.

Typically, the pranksters are seeing anger and legal action in response to their jokes.

One is facing five years in a Russian jail after pretending to collapse on a train and this guy may never be able to fly again after he rerouted a flight from Toronto to Jamaica over his coronavirus prank.

But a recent prank on the NYC subway has some people actually thanking the pranksters for terrifying people.

And other people are just over here confused like:


Before we talk too much about the reactions, though, let's talk about the prank itself. Two teens in full hazmat boarded the subway while carrying a clear container with reddish liquid inside.

The pair drew attention quickly. Passengers questioned what was in the container, with at least one person outright asking if the pair were carrying coronavirus.

Yeah... you're going to stand out when you're on the train dressed like this.

Even in New York.

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One of the teens removes the lid (other passengers start screaming at about this point) to show other passengers and then proceeds to "accidentally" fall and spill the liquid everywhere. There's more screaming, some laughter and the teens immediately reassuring people that it was just a prank and they're okay.

Oh, and fleeing.

A lot of fleeing.

Were people bolting because of fear of the coronavirus? Or just the fact that nobody wants to be covered in "unknown red liquid" while just trying to go about their commute?

Interestingly, passengers further from the pair seemed more apt to freak out than those closer to the two. That's probably because they couldn't see just how not-Oscar-worthy the "fall" was.

But you can see it, since of course someone was recording and posted a video on social media.

The fun thing about the video is that it's short enough to watch it multiple times and see which reactions resonate with you. Would you be "forced smile lady" in the beige coat and pink shirt?

That's that "I know I'm on camera" smile.

Soy.Floeres / Instagram

Maybe you're more of a "knowing side-eye woman" kind of person. She picked her bag up off the floor as soon as the lid lifted even a little bit.

She's no subway amateur, folks.

She's seen some things and she knows she's about to see some more.

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Personally, our soul really resonates with "guy in the yankees jacket."

He is the human embodiment of NOPE as he turns around and walks away with such beautiful determination that it's almost poetic. As soon as the lid opens he laughs, turns, and is gone.

Walk with purpose, my guy.

Soy.Floeres / Instagram

As the video made rounds across social media, people's reactions were divided. Some were angry, feeling like coronavirus wasn't something people should be joking about considering it's actively killing people right now.

Some actually thanked the pranksters for having a sense of humor about it. Others just wanted to know who was going to clean that mess. The pranksters didn't come with mops or towels or sponges or anything, so... ?

Check out some of these reactions.

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MTA Chairman Pat Foye came down pretty solidly on the unamused side of things, telling the New York Post:

"Given the environment, putting on hazmat suits and getting on the subway and, frankly, walking the streets of New York is an irresponsible thing to do. That kind of pranking during this particular point in time is offensive and could be dangerous."

To all you potential-pranksters out there... just clean up after yourselves, ok? Can we make that a thing?