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Cruz Roasted After Bonkers Rant About Biden 'Murdering Children' While 'Singing Pat Benatar'

The GOP Senator's attempt at describing Senate Democrats' loyalty to President Biden went completely off the rails.

Ted Cruz
Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

Twitter was a battlefield for Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz when he ignited a wave of ridicule after Cruz's peculiar explanation involved devil costumes, child murder, a full moon, and Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Pat Benatar, leaving critics and social media users perplexed.

During his statement, Cruz suggested that Biden's supposed invincibility stems from unwavering loyalty from Democratic lawmakers, implying that even in the hypothetical event of an impeachment trial, they would protect him.

You can hear what Cruz said in the video below.

Cruz said:

"I don't think Senate Democrats, if you had video of Joe Biden murdering children, dressed as the devil under a full moon while singing Pat Benatar, they still wouldn't vote to convict."

Cruz's statement appeared to reference Benatar's 1980 track, "Hell Is For Children," which gained attention on Twitter following Cruz's remarks.

Hell Is For Children by Pat

However, Cruz misunderstood the lyrics of Benatar's song, which is actually a powerful condemnation of child abuse rather than a celebration of the devil claiming children.

The Senator's attempt to draw a connection between Biden's perceived invincibility and a nonsensical scenario involving child murder and Pat Benatar's music became a subject of widespread ridicule on social media.

Twitter users swiftly seized upon Cruz's bizarre comments, responding with a mix of confusion, mockery, and disbelief.

Humorous comments and sarcastic retorts flooded Twitter as users collectively questioned the coherence of Cruz's statement.

Cruz's peculiar analogy not only failed to make a convincing point about Biden's Senate support but also showcased a lack of understanding regarding the song's intended message.

Benatar started writing the song after reading a series of articles on child abuse in The New York Times. She was shocked to learn such things happen and wanted to write about it, releasing the track in 1980 for her second studio album Crimes of Passion.