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MTG Declares Debate Victory In Bizarre Instagram Meme And Everyone Had The Same Response

Georgia GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene claims she 'defeated' her Democratic opponent Marcus Flowers after Sunday's debate.

Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Marjorie Taylor Greene—Republican Representative from Georgia and staunch QAnon conspiracy believer—randomly declared herself the winner of a recent debate against her Democratic opponent Marcus Flowers in Georgia.

The debate in question—part of the Atlanta Press Club’s 2022 Loudermilk-Young Debate series—definitely didn't seem to have gone as well for Greene as she seems to think.

At least not to many outside observers.

During the debate she supposedly won, Greene responded to Flowers citing her involvement in the January 6 attack on the Capitol and calling her an "insurrectionist" by insisting she was "a victim of the January 6 riot as much as any other member of Congress."

She went on to accuse Flowers of defamation while wagging a finger at him:

“You cannot accuse me of insurrection. I was a victim of the January 6 riots as any other member of Congress."
“That was the third day I had on the job, I had nothing to do with what happened there that day, and I will not have you accuse me of that."
"That is wrong of you to do, you are lying about me and you will not defame my character in that manner.”

He responded, returning the gesture:

"Absolutely. But you pushed a big lie that said he did not win the election. And you drove those people over the Capitol on January 6 with your lie.”

Greene went on to parrot Trump's frequent claim there was widespread election fraud in 2020, and insisted her husband—who filed for divorce last month—had proof.

The moderator, local news anchor and investigative journalist Karyn Greer, then stepped in and got the debate back on track.

After the debate, Greene took to Instagram to post this:

However there was a problem with Greene's Insta post.

Reality begged to differ.

People let Greene know their thoughts on her debate performance on Instagram...





...and Twitter.

Greene may truly believe she won the debate but, from the number of calls on social media for voters to choose Flowers, it would seem a lot of voters disagree.