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Target Manager Receives Over $30k In Donations After Customer's Tweet Complaining About Her Totally Backfires

Target Manager Receives Over $30k In Donations After Customer's Tweet Complaining About Her Totally Backfires

The store manager of a Target in Swansea, Massachusetts is suddenly flush with cash after a customer's angry tweets backfired, arousing an outpouring of support for the employee, NBC Channel 10 Boston reports.

Tori Perrotti was the manager on duty when a man, David Leavitt, tried to snag an electric toothbrush for $.01.


Leavitt tried to claim the "DISPLAY" label for the robot hygiene instrument was the price tag. Despite the toothbrush's actual $89.99 retail price, the label clearly marked display reads $.01.

Leavitt claimed he shouldn't pay a cent more than the 'asking price.'


When Perrotti refused to sell the electric toothbrush for the—obviously—incorrect price, Mr. Leavitt, like any self-respecting person in 2020, proceeded to throw a tantrum on the internet.

Leavitt's criticisms were fueled by his understanding of a Massachusetts state law, which he included in the tweet.

The law states:

"The Massachusetts Item Pricing Law...requires food and grocery merchants to sell any item at the lowest price indicated on an item, sign, or advertisement."


Leavitt posted plenty more additions to this original tweet, officially qualifying his Twitter activity as 'internet rant' material.

He even called the police after the denial.

Twitter users were quick to come to Perrotti's aid.

One person even turned Leavitt's posted 'evidence' photo against him.

Because, dude, that's not the price label that is displayed on the shelf edge below the product.

That's the display label that helps employees shelve items and sits behind the product.

But the entire stunt backfired on Mr. Leavitt.

A GoFundMe page was created in support of Ms. Perrotti, ostensibly to give her the opportunity to take a vacation from headaches at work like this.

The page's goal was $5,000. It raked in $31,000.

Perrotti will be taking an incredible vacation.

She turned to Twitter as well, humbly thanking everyone for their support.

"Target Tori" also told NBC Channel 10 Boston:

"It's so often that people will take the picture and make a meme out of it in a mean way,"
"So, it's nice to see there's publicity out of this to support me and my feelings."

Target itself even put out a statement following the whole ordeal.

"At Target, we're grateful for the hard work our team members put in each day to serve our guests in our stores."
"We're working closely with our store team on this and appreciate the messages of support the team has received from guests."

Despite the corporation's "working closely," Perrotti appears to be doing just fine.