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Supporters Were Filmed Leaving Trump's Louisiana Rally In Droves During His Speech

Matt Sullivan/Getty Images // @KellyO/Twitter

President Donald Trump's rallies are usually a hotbed of rowdy, wholehearted support for the President's rambling speeches, with chants demanding the imprisonment of private citizens and the deportation of American citizens.

But at a recent rally in Monroe, Louisiana, NBC political reporter Kelly O'Donnell noticed an unusual sight.

A number of Trump supporters at the rally began walking out.

Watch below.

It's unclear whether the supporters lost enthusiasm or if the event was finishing up and they were trying to beat traffic. But O'Donnell noted that it wasn't typical for his events.

Some hoped that the walkouts indicated a deeper loss of enthusiasm among Trump's base.

Others thought the deserters left after being paid.

It isn't unheard of for the Trump campaign to pay actors to cheer for him.

Others were more disturbed by the enthusiasm of those that remained, rather than those who left.

Only the people who left know why they did.

So far, they're not talking.

We'll find out in 2020 if this is just a moment or the collapse of a movement.

Whatever a person's reasons for bringing a child to a MAGA rally, comedian Michael Ian Black has created A Child's First Book of Trump, available here.