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The Photo That Won This Year's LUMIX People's Choice Award For Wildlife Photographer Of The Year Is An Absolute Stunner

Arterra / Contributor / Getty Images

Wildlife photography is a field that often produces absolutely stunning images, and those images can take long hours of waiting to capture.

According to the Natural History Museum in London's website:

"Wildlife Photographer of the Year calls on photographers worldwide to put nature in the frame. Whether you're young, old, professional or amateur, we'd like to see work that raises awareness of the beauty and fragility of the natural world."

The winner of the 2018 Wildlife Photographer of the Year award is David Lloyd, with his photo "Bond of Brothers." The monochrome photo depicts two male lions, who are thought to be brothers, nuzzling. This display of brotherly affection is rare between lions, and Lloyd said in a statement on the Natural History Museum's website that he, "felt privileged to experience this moment and have the opportunity to share it with the world."

Of the award, David says:

"I'm so pleased that this image did well, because it illustrates the emotion and feeling of animals and emphasises that this is not limited to humans. It is something I think more people need to be aware of for the sake of all animals."

Photography fans were ecstatic about the "Bond of Brothers" win!

There was quite a bit of backlash against trophy hunting as well.

The other contestants for best wildlife photographer submitted awesomely beautiful work as well!

Many congratulations to David Lloyd for his win, and for his breathtaking photo!