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Tennessee Man 'Stunned' To Find His Lost $1 Million Winning Lottery Ticket In A Parking Lot

Tennessee Man 'Stunned' To Find His Lost $1 Million Winning Lottery Ticket In A Parking Lot
Tennessee Education Lottery

You know what they say: You win some. You lose some.

But don't be too flippant with that advice when there's a cool million dollars on the line.

Nick Slatten from Sparta, Tennessee, discovered earlier this month on March 11 that he had a winning lottery ticket with a value of $1,178,746.

Slatten said of the news:

"I was stunned. I couldn't believe it."

He then visited his wife's workplace to share the news with her. They, of course, were excited and planned to get new cars and buy a home, and they generally envisioned their life together being much less stressful.

That was, at least, until later that afternoon when Slatten lost the million-dollar ticket.

After speaking to his wife, Slatten went out to run some everyday errands, including going with his brother to a car repair shop to purchase a new part and the two of them going out to lunch together afterwards.

Slatten realized after lunch that he no longer had the ticket, hours after sharing with his wife that he had won.

Slatten decided to do the same thing someone who had lost their keys would do: to retrace his steps.

But he knew he had to hurry, because anyone who found the declared-winning ticket could cash it in.

Slatten revisited all his stops from the afternoon, landing finally on the auto parts shop where he had taken his brother hours before.

He returned to the parking spot where he had parked his car, and when he opened his driver's side door, there at his feet was the million-dollar ticket, waiting right where he accidentally left it.

Slatten was relieved but shocked to recover the ticket:

"It's a million-dollar ticket, and someone stepped right over it."

Fellow drivers stepped right over the ticket, no one claimed it or threw it away, the wind didn't brush it away, and no cars seemed to have run it over. The ticket was clearly meant for Slatten!

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Twitter was overwhelmed with this roller coaster of a story.

Slatten and his wife have since turned in the ticket to the Tennessee Education Lottery and collected their impressive winnings card.