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13 Students And 3 Chaperones Hospitalized After Getting Violently Ill During 'Miserable' Flight From Miami To Boston

Long flights are hard to deal with under the best of circumstances. Of course, things only get harder when 16 people on board your flight become violently ill while in the air.

News outlets confirmed that 13 members a student group and 3 chaperones became ill while traveling from Miami to Boston onboard American Airlines.

The group were likely all effected by the same illness while on their trip.

Paramedics arrived on the scene as the plane landed and immediately took all the ill passengers to the hospital.

Apparently no one else on the plane reported any feelings of sickness...

...except for the understandable reaction to being on a plane with 16 vomiting people.

Twitter celebrated not being sick on the flight by making a few jokes about the situation.

Some people online thought the sudden, unexplained illness displayed all the trademarks of a zombie movie's beginning:

Ultimately, however, the most likely explanation is usually the correct one.

Then again...

Fortunately, the ill passengers are all now being taken care of and will make a full recovery.

The same cannot be said for the airplane bathroom onboard their flight.