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Student Leaves Art Gallery Stunned After Brazenly Eating Banana Artwork Worth $120k

A student in Seoul, South Korea, was filmed eating the art installation by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan before taping the banana peel back on the wall.

Visitors take pictures of the work "Comedian" by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan that is part of his exhibition "The Last Judgement'' at the UCCA Center for Contemporary Art
Kevin Frayer/Getty Images

Renowned artist Henri Matisse once said, “creativity takes courage”.

For student Noh Huyn-soo, there is definitely some courage.

The South Korean student was at Seoul’s Leeum Museum of Art viewing Maurizio Cattelan’s exhibit Comedian.

Comedian is piece that features a ripe banana stuck to the wall with duct tape. Noh Huyn-soo was seen on camera removing the banana from its tape and eating it.

You can watch below.

He completely ignored any cries urging him to stop and instead went on to finish the banana and re-tape the peel up on the wall.

The art was worth a whopping $120,000.

Noh Huyn-soo, in so many words, declared his little stunt a bit of performance art.

"Damaging an artwork could also be seen as an artwork, I thought that would be interesting... "
"Isn't it taped there to be eaten?"

And while the banana was replaced by the museum every few days, people everywhere are reeling… or should I say “peeling” over Noh's actions.





The museum declined claiming money from the student.

When notified of what happened, artist Maurizio Cattelan said it was, “no problem at all.”