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Stray Dog Takes Over Fashion Show Runway—And Absolutely Crushes It 😍

It doesn't matter how much work you put into a new fashion line—at the end of the day, nothing can overcome humankind's obsession with dogs. One designer learned this the hard way at a fashion show in India, when a stray pooch wandered onstage during the show.

The dog quickly took the Rohit Bal show viral, and video of the photogenic canine has been spread all over the internet!

The dog appeared on stage just before actor Sidharth Malhotra, who gave him a playful pat as the dog followed the models around.

For many Twitter users, the dog elevated the show to new heights of success.

There is no doubt: that is a VERY good dog.

Many jokes were made about India's newest supermodel!

But other Twitter users were more concerned about whether or not the pup found a good home.

He certainly deserves one!

Some dog lovers were enraged at the models for not giving the dog the pets he deserved:

It seems every dog has his day...

For actor/model Sid Maholtra, the entire experience was a dream come true.

It seems that when a dog walks in a fashion show, anything is possible.

Such a good boy.