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TikToker Stunned After Cat Brings Home 'Huge Rat' In Its Mouth—But It Turns Out To Be A Puppy

TikToker Stunned After Cat Brings Home 'Huge Rat' In Its Mouth—But It Turns Out To Be A Puppy

It's a rat!

It's a cat!

It's a... dog?

As any fur parent is painfully aware, our fur babies have a unique habit of bringing home gifts from their walks outside with some of those gifts being more suspicious than others.

TikToker AmayaSO (@amayaaso) is going viral after posting a video showing their cat bringing an unexpected present inside from his walk in the great outdoors—a puppy.

While cats and dogs are infamous foes, proving the age-old saying "fighting like cats and dogs," this display of feline/canine friendship is warming the hearts of the nearly 3 million TikTok users who have viewed the video.




The 12-second video shows TikTok user AmayaSO's cat walking into the home with a mysterious looking ball of fur latched securely in the cat's mouth.

At first glance, AmayaSO thought the cat had brought in a large rat. But upon further inspection, she was relieved to see a small puppy.

The heartwarming video has attracted 2.9 million views, 615,000 likes, and nearly 3,700 comments.

While many comments left on the TikTok are gushing over the cuteness overload, others seized the opportunity to unleash some seriously punny remarks.




After watching the video, it's easy to understand why AmayaSO mistook the puppy for a rat given its small frame.

The stray chihuahua-mix, a mere baby, looks especially tiny and rat-like by comparison to the fully-grown, black cat that carried it into the house.

While the display of care and kindness was particularly sweet, many TikTok users also showed concern for the puppy, inquiring about its origins and whether the small canine had a home prior to being spontaneously brought into AmayaSO's home.

AmayaSO helped clear up any worry and confusion, informing viewers of the puppy's home situation.


Due to growing, popular demand for more cat and dog content, AmayaSO has begun posting several update videos of the unlikely but beautiful friendship.


Reply to @rosemary1915 Update..... We went walking around and found out where he came from. long story short he now belongs to our Family. my niece named him Peco. He chose his home. or at least our cat BC chose his home for him. 😂😂😂😂😂 #fyp #surprise

The niece's dog, adorably named Peco, chose his family the same way his cat rescuer chose him to be part of their family.

The dynamic duo is sure to be melting hearts for years to come.