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Stay-At-Home Mom Records Her Day After Boyfriend Accuses Her Of Doing 'Nothing' While He Works

Stay-At-Home Mom Records Her Day After Boyfriend Accuses Her Of Doing 'Nothing' While He Works

A TikTok went viral of a stay-at-home mom showing her boyfriend what she does in a day because he accused her of doing "nothing" while he works.

Sierra (@sierra_not_ciara) and her boyfriend Giuseppe have two kids. One day, the two began arguing and Giuseppe claimed Sierra doesn't do much of anything when he goes off to work.

Sierra told Buzzfeed:

"Giuseppe made a comment about me not doing anything around the house while he worked."
"Once I thought about it, I realized so many other men out there have that same mentality."

So, Sierra took to TikTok and made a time-lapse video of all the things she does in a day as a stay at home mom of two.

In this video, Sierra fed her daughter, cleaned the kitchen, changed her son's diaper, gave her daughter a bath and dressed her for bed, folded some laundry, cleaned the dining room, put her daughter to bed and cleaned the living room while attending to her son.

She ate her dinner standing up at the kitchen counter while holding her son and then put him to bed.

After sweeping and mopping the floors, Sierra poured herself a drink:

"Normally, I would be texting him asking what he wants for dinner, but tonight I'm just going to pour myself a drink and I just want to say a big f*ck you to all the guys who don't appreciate their women."


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The video reached 12 million views and 2.4 million likes.

Sierra said this wasn't even half her day:

"I started filming the video around 4 p.m., so there is a lot more I did earlier in the day that wasn't even shown in the video."
"A lot of prior cleanup, bottle making, diaper changing, food, art making, and more."
"My daughter is a sensory sealer, so our house has no shortness of messes."

She also said Giuseppe has since apologized:

"He has realized that what he said was wrong and realized how many things go on behind the scenes that can easily go unnoticed."

People attacked Giuseppe in the comments of her videos so she turned off the comments for the viral video as well as a video where he apologizes.

Sierra explained:

"He doesn't need all this hate, guys."
"He actually really is sweet and he's a great dad."


Apology part one ❤️

Since there was still so much hate towards Giuseppe, she decided to address it.

One commenter said:

"You posted it on TikTok KNOWING how social media is and didn't expect this reacion? Okay lol."

Sierra explained before her viral moment she didn't see more than 200 views on her videos. She never expected just another one of her venting videos to reach that many views.

She said:

"Last night when I made this video, my boyfriend got home from work, I actually showed him the video before it even went viral and he apologized."
"He realized what he said was messed up and apologized to me."
"And he told me to keep the video up."

Sierra cut to a clip of Giuseppe feeding the baby and confirming he didn't want the video taken down even after it went viral.

Some people were still upset but others were supportive of the couple.


Sierra said she has a message for those who dissed her and her boyfriend:

"For people who still think stay-at-home moms have it easy, I would just like to your job, do you get thrown up on or screamed at for picking the wrong color cup?"
"Does your boss poop their pants and expect you to change it? No?"
"I rest my case. It isn’t easy."

Sierra continues to post content of her family and home life to her 263.7 thousand followers.