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The Internet Is Cringing At 'Price Is Right' Contestant's Huge Prize Now That's It's Basically Worthless


With the country on modified lockdown or stay at home orders, a number of things have been postponed indefinitely or cancelled.

One of those things is sporting events—including the National Hockey League's coveted Stanley Cup Final.

On a pre-recorded episode of The Price Is Right, one (not-so) lucky contestant was up for a trip for four to the NHL's Stanley Cup Final.

And then he won it.

Right now it's unclear if the championship will be happening at all, as the NHL has suspended operations for the foreseeable future.

He also won a trip for four TO the games, valued at $12,000-but with the CDC advising against domestic travel, it doesn't seem as though even the trip will come to fruition.

The Price Is Right has not commented about how they will be compensating people whose prizes no longer exist in the wake of the pandemic.

The pain of everything being stopped indefinitely and not knowing when things will go back to normal is perfectly encapsulated in things that were taped before the pandemic and subsequent isolation.

This contestant will not be able to live his life the way he'd planned it, and that is a pain we are all too familiar with currently.

Hopefully soon this will all be a distant memory and we can go back to enjoying our normally scheduled lives.

As for now, we wait.

Until then, the NHL Greatest Moments in Stanley Cup History 7 DVD set is available here with the full cup clinching games from 1987, 1994, 2001, 2003, 2004 and 2006 as well as 7th disc of game highlights from history.