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Sri Lankan Bomber Reportedly Queued In Line For Hotel's Easter Breakfast Buffet Before Detonating Explosives

On Easter Sunday, Sri Lanka was rocked by a coordinated terrorist attack which involved detonated bombs at three churches and three hotels in the island nation.

290 people lost their lives in the attack and authorities are starting top piece together exactly what happened leading up to the tragedy.

Reportedly, at the Cinnamon Grand hotel in Colombo, one of the bombers got in line for the Easter breakfast buffet and waited patiently to be served before detonating the IEDs strapped to his back.

What could have been going through the murderer's deranged mind?

Though Sri Lanka was unprepared for the attack, investigations are now underway to determine exactly what happened.

The world is understandably heartbroken at the senseless violence and destruction.

Some outlets have reported that there was some warning of the upcoming attacks, but that the signs were overlooked by government officials.

No country deserves an attack like this, let alone Sri Lanka, which is beloved by all who visit it.

It seems the attacks could have been even worse—police have uncovered multiple undetonated explosives in other areas of the country.

The world's thoughts and prayers are with Sri Lanka at this difficult point in their history. '

The nation will survive these attacks and become stronger than ever before, though they will never forget the lives lost on this day.