Anything can happen at the happiest place on Earth!

Some fans were having their picture taken with Spider-Man at Disney's California Adventure in Anaheim, California, when they received the surprise of a lifetime.

While the fans posed, a few very special guests crept around the corner to say hello!

Moments later, Spider-Man himself took off his mask to reveal who was underneath: Tom Holland!

The whole cast walked through the parks for a while, saying hello to fans wherever they went!

Everyone at the park couldn't believe their eyes, and everyone at home wished they were there.

There's nothing like a little Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal to lift one's spirits!

Disney's in the business of making magic.

Many Twitter users felt they'd be just as excited as the person capturing the video if they were there.

If there's one thing Spider-Man loves, it's surprising his fans!

Tom Holland Surprises Fans || A Batman Fan insulted Tom Holland || Avengers Infinity War www.youtube.com

With Spider-Man: Far From Home approaching on the horizon, be prepared to see more of Tom Holland where you least expect him!

SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME - Official Trailer youtu.be

Victor Boyko/Getty Images

Gather 'round, one and all, the Queen of the Clapback has done it again.

The name of today's tale?

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