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Spanish Commentator Jose Tallada Goes Crazy Over Regino Martin's First Olympic Win Since 1992

Spanish Commentator Jose Tallada Goes Crazy Over Regino Martin's First Olympic Win Since 1992
(Fernando Ruiz/Twitter)

Spanish snowboarder Regino Hernandez Martin earned a bronze medal when he took third place in the Men's Snowboard Cross during the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang. His victory made headlines back in his homeland of Spain, and it was especially exciting for one sports commentator whose unbridled excitement was captured on video.

Eurosport commentator Jose Manuel Hernandez Tallada couldn't contain himself as he witnessed Martin breezing past his competitors, Pierre Vaultier from France and Jarryd Hughes of Australia.

Watching the live stream of the games, the commentator hovered above his seat as the volume of his voice steadily rose a few decibels and climbed higher in pitch. His arms waved enthusiastically in the air as Hernandez made it to the finish.

It was a triumphant victory for Martin considering Spain hasn't won a medal in the Winter Olympics since 1992 when skier Blanca Fernandez Ochoa won the bronze in the women's slalom in Albertville, France, according to Express.

"This is something I have dreamed of my whole life," he said of his win.

Martin was one of a 13-member team from Spain to compete in PyeonChang and is the most experienced given his participation in Vancouver when he was 17 years old.

Spain celebrated as Martin received his bronze medal on day six of the Winter Olympics at Medal Plaza in PyeongChang.

Bronze medalist Regino Hernandez of Spain celebrates during the medal ceremony for Men's Snowboard Cross Finals

(Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images)

The sports reporter's colleague, Eurosport's Fernando Ruiz, tweeted the video of Tallada losing it over the historic win.

This kind of unbridled excitement might be exclusive to Eurosport.

Both Tallada and Martin were lauded for the victory.

Do Spaniards roll like sports commentators in the U.S.?

A huge victory.

Martin plans to mark the victory with a tattoo of his equipment manager, Luca Trionte. The bronze medalist suggested to Trionte that if he won a medal, the pair should get tattoos of each others' faces.

"Here, the bets are for life," Martin told Express.

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