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Sophie Turner Has Night Out In NYC With Fellow Joe Jonas Ex Taylor Swift—And Fans Are Obsessed

The actor made her post-divorce debut by stepping out for a night on the town with Swift, who just so happened to date Jonas back in 2008.

Sophie Turner; Joe Jonas; Taylor Swift
Karwai Tang/Wire Image/Getty Images; Scott Legato/Getty Images; Gotham/GC Images via Getty Images

Not everyone likes to follow celebrity gossip, but we can all appreciate someone's newfound confidence after a messy breakup—especially if they unite with friends against heartbreak.

Such drama has been on display in recent days after Game of Thrones' Sophie Turner and Jonas Brothers' Joe Jonas announced their divorce after a four-year marriage.

The couple tried to do immediate damage control by announcing on Instagram that their divorce was a mutual and amicable decision, and they also requested that fans not pester them for details about their relationship.

You can see the post, which is available on @sophiet and @joejonas on Instagram.

This Instagram effort might have worked if a steady stream of negative content hadn't dogged Sophie Turner right after the divorce was announced. Fans surmised that Jonas's PR team was creating a smear campaign against Turner to make her look like the villain in the relationship.

From a TMZ article suggesting Jonas had taken care of their two children alone for three months (when he actually had assistance while Turner was away on a work trip), to false allegations that the self-defined "homebody" Turner was actually too big of a party animal for Jonas to handle, the attacks plagued the woman behind X-Men's Jean Grey and Game of Thrones' Sansa Stark.

In the meantime, Turner's PR team was silent, and Sophie Turner made no comments about the divorce, her former partner, or the negative publicity.

Instead, she worked on healing and being her own person, including going out with a very surprising friend.

On September 20 in New York City, Sophie Turner was sighted with none other than Taylor Swift, who was also an ex-partner to the Jonas Brother in question. After dating Joe Jonas back in 2018, Swift wrote multiple songs that were immediately tied to her former relationship, including a song Turner has referenced multiple times in her Instagram posts, "Mr. Perfectly Fine."

A photo of Sophie Turner arm-in-arm with Taylor Swift has been popping up everywhere in the last 24 hours.

There's also a brief clip of the two women walking together in New York City.

Not only did fans love to see these two women together, but they found the friendship incredibly empowering.

They also praised Turner's classy behavior through her divorce, compared to Jonas's moves.

Not only was it refreshing to see a big celebrity like Sophie Turner stay quiet about her divorce, but seeing two women stand together for a girls' night out during such a difficult time? Glorious.

It'll be interesting to see what Sophie Turner does next.