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Someone Just Leaked Sonic's New Look From His Upcoming Movie, And People Already Want Their Money Back

As the world barrels towards the November 2019 release of the new Sonic Hedgehog movie, we continue to get tiny tastes of exactly what Sonic will look like in the live-action world of the film. A film style guide from design firm Hamagami/Caroll, Inc. was recently leaked online, revealing many stills of Sonic's new image before it was inevitably removed.

Fans are...well, they're not too pleased about how their beloved speedy hedgehog looks in the movie.

Many fans have began posting their own subtle redesigns of the upcoming film's hedgehog.

The main difference between Sonic's new redesign and the "classic" Sonic seems to be their eyes: the old sonic had large, interconnected eyes, with elongated pupils.

Many Twitter users, however, don't know what's changed...they just know they don't like it.

Things got even worse for the new Sonic film when yet another image of its main character was leaked during the Kid's Choice Awards.

If that's what Sonic looks like, what can we expect for Tails?

On Twitter, jokes abounded about this strange, unfamiliar Sonic.

What were the moviemakers thinking?!

This movie may go down as one of the biggest disasters in video-game adaption history...but hopefully not!

As November approaches, fans have their fingers crossed that things will turn out better than they seem...

In the meantime, however, we just have to wait and hope. And perhaps ask a crucial question: