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Snoop Dogg Can't Get Over Horse's Straight Up Baller Moves While Live-Commenting On Olympic Dressage

@peacockTV/Twitter, NBCSports/YouTube

The Tokyo Olympics as seen through the eyes of rapper Snoop Dogg just got a boost from his hilarious commentary.

Last week, the rap icon teamed up with comedian Kevin Hart to host Olympic Highlights with Kevin Hart & Snoop Dogg on NBC Universal's Peacock streaming service. The duo recapped notable highlights from the Olympics.

"The producers have pulled some clips from the Olympics and we don't know what sport it is or what event it has to do with," explained Hart during the "Cold Call" segment of the episode.

"We'll watch it and call it like we see it."

They definitely delivered.

The segment they were given was the equestrian dressage event, and Snoop Dogg was not ready for the stupendousness to unfold.

Dressage is a form of riding defined by the International Equestrian Federation as "the highest expression of horse training" where "horse and rider are expected to perform from memory a series of predetermined movements."

Of course, neither Dogg nor Hart was briefed on details of the event, and the result was pure, unbridled jocularity for our entertainment.

Snoop's immediate observation was particularly memorable.

"The horse's crip-walking, cuz. You see that?" he said, adding that the horse's fancy footwork was "gangster."

His astonishment continued and he exclaimed at one point:

"This horse is off the chain – I gotta get this motherf'r in a video!"

Snoop's off-the-cuff remarks had Hart howling, and the comedian even repeated one of Snoop's outlandish comments.

"Horse crip walking is officially in the Olympics!" said Hart, nearly in tears.

Twitter users were also in stitches watching the clip.

The clip ended with Hart requesting a replay of the clip, to which Snoop added a "boom, boom, boom, boom" in time with the horse's strut...I mean..."crip-walking."