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Scientific Study Concludes That Dogs Are 'Not Exceptional'β€”And The Reactions Are Priceless πŸ˜‚

Scientific Study Concludes That Dogs Are 'Not Exceptional'β€”And The Reactions Are Priceless πŸ˜‚
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Many people love science, but my chief problem with it is that it is FULL OF LIES.

First, they tell us climate change is a thing even though it's currently 17 degrees in Chicago today. LOL okay the planet's "getting warmer," too bad I have like, skin nerves or whatever making my face hurt on the outside right now.

Even Donald Trump knows this, so whatever SCIENCE.

And then, as if that weren't bad enough, they come out with this outright SLANDEROUS NONSENSE:

"There is no current case for canine exceptionalism."

ExCUSE you, the mother who raised you, and the horse you both rode in on, Science?! This is an outrage.

This egregious lie-telling comes from a new "report" by "scientists" in a "science journal" called Learning and Behavior, which is pretty rich coming from people who obviously have learned nothing and clearly do not know how to behave. Scientific American, in reporting on the findings, doubled down on the unforgivable slander by saying:

"The study finds that dogs are cognitively quite ordinary when compared to other carnivores, domestic animals and social hunters."

Imagine actually believing this malarkey when there are dogs out here like this one, my dognephew, being exceptional day in and day out.

For God's sake he sleeps like a person with his little T-Rex arms folded like a gentleman!!!


Anyway, if you think I'm the only one outraged by this #fakenews, you are wrong, because basically the entire internet is having a meltdown.

To wit:

Some even smelled a vast cat-ring conspiracy.

(Bet you actual money this study was funded by Big Cat smh)

And while there was at least one traitorous, turncoat, probable cat owner masquerading as a dog owner just to troll people...

(Blocked and reported!)

...even the dang dictionary interjected to call BS on this BS!

And in the end, smoking guns were found.

BOOM! You been SCIENCED, Science!

H/T Scientific American, Evening Standard