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Arnold Schwarzenegger Rips MAGA Conspiracy Theories About Taylor Swift With Snarky Rant

The former Republican Governor called out Trump supporters' outlandish conspiracy theories about the pop star in an interview with 'Variety,' saying that 'it doesn't surprise me.'

Arnold Schwarzenegger; Taylor Swift
Jeff Spicer/Getty Images for Fane; Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

Actor and former Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger joined the chorus of voices ridiculing right-wing conspiracy theories surrounding pop star Taylor Swift's potential appearance at the Super Bowl.

The baseless claims suggested that the NFL rigged the season for Swift to attend, allegedly orchestrated by President Joe Biden and the CIA to boost ratings and promote a political agenda. Swift has been in a relationship with Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce since September 2023 and has been a constant presence at his games.

The right-wing conspiracy theories gained traction after the Chiefs secured a spot in the Super Bowl, leading some to suggest that the NFL manipulated the season's outcome for Swift's potential attendance.

in an interview with Variety, the Terminator star addressed the absurd conspiracy theories while promoting his new Super Bowl commercial for State Farm and dismissed them in a wonderfully snarky rant.

Schwarzenneger said:

“Remember, everything is a plant [to MAGA conspiracy theorists]. COVID was a plant. The vaccine was the plant."
Of course, she’s also a plant and the team that wins is a plant. There are agents everywhere. The CIA is operating everything."
"I can see it very clearly how everything is a plant. It’s entertaining. It doesn't surprise me."

Many have echoed Arnold's criticisms.

Swift has been targeted by the far-right in recent months because of her efforts to register young voters.

Last month, Fox News personality Jesse Watters was criticized for suggesting Swift could be a covert government operative.

During his show Jesse Watters Primetime, Watters presented a clip falsely attributed to a Pentagon official, claiming that Swift was considered by the Pentagon's psychological operations unit as an asset to combat online misinformation.

Andrea Hailey, the CEO of, quickly dismissed Watters' conspiracy theory, noting that Swift's partnership with the organization "is helping all Americans make their voices heard at the ballot box." She added that Swift is aiding "the biggest nonpartisan platform in America helping young people register [and] cast their vote."