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Man's RSVP To His Ex-Girlfriend's Wedding Is Both Savage And Awesome 😂

The ex-high school sweetheart kicked things up Ray J style.

Man's RSVP To His Ex-Girlfriend's Wedding Is Both Savage And Awesome 😂

Lincoln, Nebraska bride-to-be Hayley Stamper and her groom, Austin, thought of a fun way to include every one of their 600 invited guests in celebrating the happiest day of their lives. They'd make a spot on their wedding invitations for folks to request the one song that would get them up and groovin' on the dance floor.

It was a great idea—that is, until Stamper's ex Thomas Hoefener RSVP'd his song request:

He requested "I Loved Her First" by HeartlandHayley Stamper/Twitter

Hoefener responded to the wedding invite: "Accepts with pleasure" and to the fill-in-the-blank prompt "I PROMISE TO DANCE IF YOU PLAY," he answered, "'I Loved Her First—Heartland."

While this may appear shocking to some upon first glance, the truth is, Hayley and her fiancée, Austin, had not only invited her ex (a past high school sweetheart of two years), they had expected a humorous response from Hoefener.

As Stamper told BuzzFeed:

I knew he was going to say something like that. I knew he was going to do something witty the second we invited him.

"All three of us have always been friends, and both my ex and my fiancé were on the same football team," she shared.

But the people of Twitter wanted to weigh in on the unorthodox friendship:

Apparently, things got a little nasty both in the comments and in DMs (which is why Stamper took down her original post).

To the haters, Stamper had this to say:

But loads of people had the happy couple's back as well:

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