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San Fransisco Tower Turned Into The Eye Of Sauron For Halloween--And It Looked Amazing

When it comes to amazing public Halloween spectacles, this is one that YOU SHALL NOT SURPASS (I'm so sorry.)

San Franciscans found themselves gazing upward on Halloween night as the top of the city's tallest skyscraper, Salesforce Tower, glowed in a fiery-flame lightshow depicting the Eye of Sauron, the iconic symbol of the Dark Lord in The Lord of the Rings.

The tower's top is made up of 11,000 LED bulbs as part of a public artwork commissioned from artist Jim Campbell. The videos and lightshows projected onto the skyscraper's top can be seen from 20 miles away on clear nights. Campbell recently told the San Francisco Chronicle that he would never want advertisements or holiday-themed imagery on his piece, but the petition must have changed his mind! He calls the Sauron-themed work "Day for Night." San Francisco has a development tax called "1 percent for art," which funded the project.

The city's clear night skies on Wednesday night made for a perfect backdrop for the fiery eye, and people were absolutely thrilled.

The idea to give the skyscraper a temporary Halloween makeover came from a petition begun by an anonymous outfit calling themselves "The Fellowship." Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff was definitely not into the idea at first. But ultimately, the more than 11,000 signers of the petition won out.

And they say democracy is dead!

H/T Business Insider, SF Gate