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Marco Rubio's Attempt To Blast Kamala Harris After VP Debate Turns Into A Spectacular Self-Own

Marco Rubio's Attempt To Blast Kamala Harris After VP Debate Turns Into A Spectacular Self-Own
Al-Drago-Pool/Getty Images

Once again, the Senate's foremost guy who never seems to be able to land a punch against his opponents, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, has tried it and failed.

Immediately following last night's vice presidential debate between Senator Kamala Harris and Vice President Mike Pence, Rubio attempted to insult Harris'... well, to be honest, nobody's really sure what exactly he was trying to insult, and that's the first problem.

But the biggest issue is his tweet only served to underline for most people exactly why they don't trust Donald Trump and Mike Pence, not their opponents.

And Twitter couldn't help but laugh.

Rubio's tweet featured a gif of the launch of multiple missiles, presumably in China since the gif is watermarked with the logo of CCTV, the China Central Television network, the country's Chinese Communist Party-run television mouthpiece.

With it, Rubio tweeted the following caption:

"Think hard about what you just saw...then decide who you want just one heartbeat away from the Presidency."

So let's break this down.

Basically Rubio is saying... be careful who you vote for... in case Kamala Harris ends up in the White House while China is testing missiles? Or ends up in charge of the nuclear codes? Or at the helm when China finally decides to nuke us?

As often happens with Senator Rubio's attempted zingers, it's truly anyone's guess.

But one thing is not up for debate. President Trump already has a track record with dealing with adversarial nuclear powers that has included aggravating relations with a nuclear Iran, baiting North Korea on Twitter and provoking China with everything from trade wars to constantly threatening retribution against the country for causing the pandemic with what he insists on calling "the Chinese virus" every chance he gets.

So, you might say that for many people—including basically every world leader on the face of the Earth save for a small few—Kamala Harris is an eminently preferable choice to be in charge of, like, literally all of the possible implications of whatever Rubio's tweet is supposed to mean.

And on Twitter, people dragged him to filth for his inadvertent Biden/Harris endorsement.

Anyway, in case you've forgotten—because it sure seems like Rubio has—he ran for President in 2016 on a platform that included the assertion that Trump cannot be trusted with the nuclear codes.

Life comes at you fast.