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Michigan GOP Chair Gives Speech Calling For Dems To Be 'Taken Out' With 'Burning Of The Stake'

Michigan GOP Chair Gives Speech Calling For Dems To Be 'Taken Out' With 'Burning Of The Stake'

Republican Ron Weiser, head of the Michigan GOP, is being heavily criticized online after footage of a recent meeting of Republicans leaked online.

In the video, Weiser described Democratic Michigan Governor Gretch Whitmer, Attorney General Dana Nessel, and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson as "three witches" his party should prepare to "burn at the stake."

Weiser made many passing, misogynist references to the "three witches," saying at one point:

"Our job now is to soften up those three witches and make sure that when we have good candidates to run against them that they are ready for the burning at the stake."
"Maybe the press heard that, too."

The press did, in fact, hear Weiser's comments and reported on them.

In response, Weiser claimed his words were taken "out of context."

Weiser's comments were especially irresponsible in the eyes of many after last year's attempt to kidnap and murder Governor Whitmer, which was egged on by then-President Trump.

Many alumni of the University of Michigan, where Weiser is an elected Regent, called on the University to disassociate itself from the politician.

Weiser also made a reference to assassination when asked about getting rid of Republicans who voted to impeach Donald Trump, saying:

"Ma'am, other than assassination, I have no other way other than voting out. OK? "
"You people have to go out there and support their opponents. You have to do what you need to get out the vote in those areas. That's how you beat people."

It was almost impossible to miss the sexism in Weiser's description of his female, Democratic opponents.

Many online saw this insensitivity as a natural extension of the Republican brand.

Benson's spokesperson, Tracy Wimmer, issued a statement saying:

"Secretary Benson and her colleagues have experienced firsthand how this rhetoric is later used as justification for very real threats made against government officials, election administrators and democracy itself."
"Any leader who does not resoundingly denounce this kind of behavior and attitude is complicit in their silence."