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Rightwing News Outlet Scorched After Trying To Shame Kamala Harris For Buying New Cookware

Rightwing News Outlet Scorched After Trying To Shame Kamala Harris For Buying New Cookware
Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

Social media users mocked The Washington Free Beacon, a conservative news outlet, for publishing a "breaking investigative exclusive" attempting to shame Vice President Kamala Harris for buying new cookware.

Harris was until recently on a diplomatic mission in Paris, France where she spent considerable time trying to ease tensions with French President Emmnauel Macron over an Australian submarine deal.

And when Harris wasn't speaking with Macron, showing support for democratic elections in Libya, vowing to work more closely with France to protect civilians against cyberattacks, or honoring victims of the 2015 Paris attack, she was looking for the perfect cookware for Thanksgiving.

On November 13, Harris and her husband, Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff, visited E. Dehillerin, a legendary culinary emporium near Les Halles. While there, she reportedly purchased a $375 serving dish, a $160 frying pan, and other accessories totaling €516, or about $580.

"I just want to buy a pot," Harris even told reporters at the time while looking around at the hundreds on display.

Ten days later, the Free Beaon published its "exclusive" criticizing the Vice President for her purchase, alleging Harris' purchase is bad form at a time when many Americans are feeling the crunch of inflation:

"The vice-presidential shopping spree came as Americans stateside suffer from the worst inflation in three decades, putting strain on both consumers and small businesses."
"The Biden administration has stressed the need to 'buy American,' calling for a 'whole-of-government' effort to support American manufacturing."

Social media users did not respond kindly to the story and defended the Vice President.

For many, the story was a reach, even for a conservative news outlet.

Harris's love for cooking is well known. She once made a video with actress and comedian Mindy Kaling in which they bonded while making masala dosa.

In 2020, Glamor published a comprehensive article in which Harris spoke about how she fell in love with cooking as a child, taking inspiration from her mother, who would often wake up early during the weekends to meal prep dinners for the week.

Harris recalled that one of her first "little specialties" was scrambled eggs, which she perfected by the time she was in third grade.