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Rice Krispies Treats Are Making A Huge Stride Toward Inclusivity ❤️

Rice Krispies Treats Are Making A Huge Stride Toward Inclusivity ❤️
Kellogg's, @santanadarko/Twitter

Kellogg moves to make the hand written notes feature on its Rice Krispies Treat usable for visually impaired children and their families.

In 2017, Rice Krispies Treats unveiled a new packaging design which featured a space to write notes of encouragement for parents to place in their kids' lunches. It was a lovely idea, but it kept visually impaired children from being able to receive––and enjoy––the same messages. Now the company has joined up with the National Federation of the Blind to announce two new solutions.

First up, "Love Note" stickers in braille with eight positive messages. The second, is an audio box that holds a Rice Krispies Treat and plays a message when opened. Parents can re-record up to 1000 different 10-second messages, plenty to cover many school years.

Emily Minardi, the associate marketing director of Rice Krispies Treats, says of the new "Love Notes":

Rice Krispies Treats realized not every child is able to experience the written notes of encouragement on the writable wrappers. So we wanted to make these 'Love Notes' more accessible this back-to-school season.

The best part? The stickers and audio box can be ordered through the Kellogg's website for free while supplies last.

Consumers are applauding Kellogg's decision:

We agree. It is pretty awesome!

H/T: Huffington Post, USA Today