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Ohio Man Claims He Won't Get Arrested For Threatening Black Mom—Then, Oops, Gets Arrested

Ohio Man Claims He Won't Get Arrested For Threatening Black Mom—Then, Oops, Gets Arrested

Some people think they can get away with doing terrible things.

Take, for instance, James Rhodes from Ohio, who believed he could yell racial slurs and openly threaten a Black Door Dash driver and not be arrested for it.

The Door Dash driver, who remains anonymous, appeared in the Wyndham Ridge Apartments complex in Stow, Ohio, on April 17, alongside her two-year-old daughter. The driver was working, delivering food to someone in the complex.

It began when the two drivers stopped at a Stop sign, where Rhodes idled longer than would be ideal. The Door Dasher, who was on a motorcycle, decided to go around Rhodes and drive ahead of him.

Rhodes allegedly followed the motorist, and the next time they stopped, Rhodes made a move to approach the Door Dasher.

The driver began recording a video on her phone when Rhodes stepped out of his vehicle, and later posted the video online, where it quickly went viral.

You can watch the video here:

WARNING: racial slurs, explicit language, physical threats

In the video, Rhodes can be heard saying a variety of racial slurs, expletives and threats of physical violence.

Rhodes said as he approached the car:

"Hey, get the f**k out of here. Get the f**k out of here."
"I pay a thousand dollars a month here. You make a thousand dollars in two months. F**k you."

The Door Dash driver challenged:

"How do you know that?"

Rhodes continued:

"You're a dumb Black f**king [n-word] bitchh. F**k you!"

When the Door Dash driver asked for his name, Rhodes replied:

"Yeah. I'm racist, and I'm a racist motherf**ker."
"I got an AK-47 right now in my f**king goddamn car. I'll blow your f**king head off."
"I'm f**king tired of you [n-word]s. I'm tired of you [n-word]s."

Onlookers spoke up and told him to stop, to which he replied:

"What are they gonna do, come arrest me?"

Viewers were disgusted by Rhodes' behavior.

The apartment complex where Rhodes lives, Wyndham Ridge Apartments, elected to begin the process of evicting him, given the threatening nature of his behavior.

Despite believing nothing could happen to him, Rhodes was arrested and charged with aggravated menacing and ethnic intimidation.