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RFK Jr. Roasted For Trying To Court More Voters With Shirtless Thirst Trap Pic Of His Son

The anti-vax Democrat shared a thirst trap photo of his son, Conor, to celebrate his birthday—but nobody is falling for it.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

Conspiracy theorist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has been making headlines recently for his controversial actions and statements, and now he's caught attention for his unorthodox approach to his 2024 Presidential nomination campaign.

Over the weekend, Kennedy Jr. celebrated his son Conor's 29th birthday. In what appears to be a blatant attempt to gain attention and support for his campaign, he decided to highlight his son's physical appearance, particularly his well-defined abs.

You can see Kennedy Jr.'s post below.

Many found this approach distasteful and desperate.

They questioned the relevance of showcasing Conor's looks in a political campaign. It has been seen as an attempt to cash in on his son's appearance and use it as a superficial tool to attract voters, rather than focusing on substantive policies and ideas.

While Conor may indeed be an attractive individual, critics argue that using his physical appearance as a campaign tactic is classless and detracts from the seriousness of the political discourse. Voters are looking for candidates who can address the pressing issues facing the nation, not those who resort to gimmicks and shallow tactics to gain attention.

Many have mocked Kennedy Jr. as a result.

Kennedy Jr. has already faced considerable online mockery for flaunting his own body for his political campaign.

Last month, the longshot presidential candidate shared a video of himself performing push-ups, accompanied by a caption that suggested he was preparing for debates with President Joe Biden.

The video was followed by another post featuring Kennedy Jr. lifting weights, showcasing his dedication to physical fitness.

Right-wing influencer Mike Cernovich even vouched for Kennedy Jr.'s loyalty, stating that someone as physically active and healthy as him "would never betray this great country."

Despite RFK Jr.'s calls for a debate with President Biden, it is highly improbable that such an event would occur. As Biden focuses on securing the Democratic re-nomination for the 2024 presidential election, engaging in a debate with challengers, including Kennedy, seems unlikely, regardless of their physical condition or campaign tactics.