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Trump's Own Words Come Back To Haunt Him In Anti-Trump Republican Group's Brutal New Ad

Trump's Own Words Come Back To Haunt Him In Anti-Trump Republican Group's Brutal New Ad
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As the election nears, the tension over voting out Donald Trump becomes palpable. People are doing what they can to try and ensure he doesn't win a second term, including a very unlikely group of people.

Republican Voters Against Trump is a group aimed at amplifying voices of conservatives and former Trump supporters who want to vote Trump out of office.

Their latest ad to be aired in Arizona is particularly scathing, using the President's own words against him.

Trump's Death

The fact this video will be running in Arizona is particularly import, as Trump won the state by a slight margin in 2016. Current polls show Biden with a slight edge, meaning it's possible the state could flip.

The Republican Voters Against Trump is a political initiative organized by conservative writer Bill Kristol and former Jeb Bush aide, Tim Miller, among others. They have plans to share stories of former Trump supporters who have become disillusioned with the President and wish to vote him out, even if it means voting in Joe Biden.

If the reaction to their ad is anything to go by, they're making their case quite well.

The group's initiative also sees them sharing testimonials from former Trump supporters or "Never Trump" Republicans. The videos highlight conservatives from across the spectrum who are all agreed in voting Trump out.

In addition to these testimonials, the group is purchasing ads in important battleground states that could be flipped. They also tackle topics of scandal that have yet to stick to the President in any meaningful way, such as his association with Jeffrey Epstein.

It may be that this is what it takes to unseat the controversial President.

Republican Voters Against Trump isn't the only right-wing group working to get Trump out of office. The Lincoln Project, an American political action committee has worked to prevent the reelection of Trump, too.

The PAC was started by prominent Republicans and former Republicans at the end of 2019. This includes political strategists, consultants and George Conway, husband of Kellyanne Conway the President's Counselor.

They have also been putting out ads urging right-wing voters to not reelect Donald Trump and instead vote for Joe Biden.

As of Friday, July 24, the 2020 presidential election is only 101 days away.

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