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Reporter Sends The Internet Into A Giggle-Fest After Gushing Over Olympic Swimmer's 'Third Leg'

Sir Digby Fafont Bittocks/YouTube

The British swim team came out victorious in the 4x200 meter freestyle relay. Each one of those four components of the race is referred to as a "leg"--and since it is a relay race, all four team members were responsible for covering one of the so-called "legs."

Tom Dean and Matthew Richards, two of the team, were on the air with BBC's Claire Balding, when she was complimenting them on their work done throughout the race.

To Richards, Balding excitedly said:

"Matt, you're 18 years old, it's your first Olympics, and you swam — honestly, your third leg was just phenomenal."

The comment about his "phenomenal" third leg was suggestive enough to make the swimmers both smirk.

And Twitter immediately picked up on the hilarity of the moment as well:

The British team also includes members James Guy and Duncan Scott, who did not appear in the interview.

Richards, who received the compliments on his "third leg," made his debut European Championships in May. As a teenager, he has quite a big career ahead of him.

"Forever now," he said, "this will be something that I can say I was part of and it will be something I can tell my kids and hopefully my grandkids about one day."

Richards ostensibly has many phenomenal "third leg"s in front of him in his swimming career.