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Racist Boomer On A Scooter' Threatens To Run Over Guy With Prosthetic Legs Inside McDonald's


A man defended the staff at a McDonald's in Australia after an older individual relentlessly harassed them and hurled racial slurs.

TikToker @pnuks witnessed an "old boomer on his scooter" – who was also apparently an "anti-vaxxer" – making fun of the workers at the fast-food location and complaining about the dirty floors and how understaffed they were.

Initially, Pnuks just wanted to get his coffee and walk out. He tried to ignore the man harassing the staff because he thought it was none of his business.

"I don't know why that old person was just angry," said Pnuks, who recounted the incident in a TikTok video.

But when the man began making racist comments like, "go back to your own country" and calling the workers "w*gs" – an Australian slur for Black and dark-skinned people – Pnuks had enough of witnessing the verbal abuse. So he intervened.

"I just lost it," said the TikToker, adding, "These workers couldn't talk back so I did."

In response to being called out, the man doubled down and tried to run over Pnuk's feet.

However, the man's attempted attack was in vain because unbeknownst to him, Pnuks has a prosthetic leg.


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He told viewers, "You could be annoyed because you're old but you can't be racist."

People weighed in with their thoughts on the situation, beginning with a comment asking how Pnuks knew the "racist boomer on a scooter" was an anti-vaxxer.

Pnuks said the man claimed the virus "wasn't real and that all these health orders are fake."


One commenter suggested Pnuks should have given the man a pass due to his age, but the comment did not sit well with Pnuks.

"So being old makes it okay to scream and swear at staff members while also being racist?" he asked.

"Sit this one out."






In another video that is currently unavailable, Pnuks showed the man trying to run over his feet with the scooter. He said it was not okay to use one's disability to threaten people.

When the boomer's attempt failed, Pnuks laughed and said of his leg, "It's not real, boy."

To show proof his leg was not real, he slammed the car door on the prosthetic leg.

McDonald's has since asked for the footage from that incident to be taken down, which Pnuks did.

The TikToker said he filed a police report and is currently in the process of going through the proper channels in order to repost the video.


Reply to @veeneale the reason why it’s taken down FOR NOW! @mcdonaldsau this the second time you stopped me for showing horrible ppl #pnuks #maccas

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