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Jen Psaki Buries Newsmax Reporter For Insisting Pete Buttigieg Isn't Working During Paternity Leave

Jen Psaki Buries Newsmax Reporter For Insisting Pete Buttigieg Isn't Working During Paternity Leave

Liberals are cheering following a heated exchange between White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki and Emerald Robinson, a reporter for far-right network Newsmax.

In her question, Robinson respondents to a poll felt Democratic Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg—who became a father to twins in September—should end his paternity leave and return to work.

Psaki responded by informing Robinson Buttigieg is still working during his leave, then called out the barely concealed agenda of her line of questioning.

See the moment below.

In her question, Robinson claimed—without providing citation or other evidence—a recent poll revealed 65% of voters thought Buttigieg should return to work.

Psaki had a very simple three-word rebuttal.

"He's at work."

When Robinson retorted Buttigieg is on paternity leave, implying he couldn't possibly be working, Psaki set her straight.

"I was on a conference call with him this morning."

When Robinson then continued pushing back, Psaki interrupted her and instead of responding to her question, responded to what Robinson seemed to be implying instead.

"Listen, Emerald, I think what you're getting at here is this question of whether men, parents, women, should have paternity and maternity leave."
"And the answer is absolutely yes. In our view, that is the policy of this administration, that is what we're pressing to make law so it's a reality for women, parents, fathers across the country and we're not going to back away from that."

Though Robinson continued her line of questioning, she was obviously knocked back on her heels, stammering about Secretary of Transportation is a different kind of job than a rank-and-file American's.

Psaki wasn't having this either.

Psaki said:

"They should have this time to bond with their children. I'm not going to apologize for that from here."

On social media, people applauded Psaki for her no-nonsense response to Robinson's questioning.

Robinson's questioning is just the latest attack mounted by conservatives against Buttigieg becoming a father.

Conservatives were outraged by his and husband Chasten's first photo with their new babies in September and Fox News host Tucker Carlson mocked the couple's paternity leave last week.