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Princess Eugenie's Scars And Cara Delevingne's Hat Take Main Stage At Royal Wedding

Social media users did not hold back as Eugenie and Jack tied the knot.

Princess Eugenie's Scars And Cara Delevingne's Hat Take Main Stage At Royal Wedding
Steve Parsons/PA

Princess Eugenie's marriage to Jack Brooksbank was trending across social media as #RoyalWedding throughout the morning, but some moments caught the world's attention more than others.

The only uninvited guest came in the form of Storm Callum, currently threatening the west of the British Isles and forcing attendees to hold onto their hats as they arrived in Windsor.

“Watching #RoyalWedding guests battle Mother Nature is quite entertaining," wrote one Twitter user, posting a video of one attendee clutching her headwear as the wind tried to carry it away.

The wedding was well attended, with celebrities including singers Robbie Williams and Ellie Goulding, comedians Stephen Fry and Jack Whitehall, and supermodels Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell all pictured braving the weather as they arrived.

But it was Cara Delevingne who caught the attention of social media for her dashing top hat and tails combination.

“Couldn't care less about the wedding but good LORD Cara Delevingne," wrote one viewer.

The page boys and bridesmaids, including Prince George and Princess Charlotte, melted hearts among the crowds as they arrived but it wouldn't be a wedding without a misstep somewhere.

Six-year-old Louis de Givenchy, son of banking executive Olivier and his wife Zoe, duly obliged and, for some, became the most relatable figure at the proceedings.

“Me as a Royal," commented one Twitter user as another said “PAGE BOY DOWN".

Then it was the Duchess of York's turn to impress. Mother-of-the-bride Sarah Ferguson, who had been an outcast among royals since her split from Prince Andrew, immediately rushed to the crowds as she arrived.

“Fergie! My favourite royal," wrote Piers Morgan on Twitter as she greeted the crowds.

Some social media users questioned her choice of hat, however, likening its winged bow to the golden snitch from the Harry Potter books.

Once inside, viewers couldn't help but notice that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge still appear very much in love, holding hands before the service began.

"Aw, Wills and Kate are holding hands," wrote one.

Then Princess Eugenie arrived and blew everyone away in her flowing wedding dress.

One social media user wrote: “The bride looks stunning!!"

Especially in comparison to the outfit she wore to the wedding of William and Kate, as another pointed out.

More than just a wedding dress, this was an opportunity for Eugenie to proudly show the scars on her back from scoliosis surgery as a child.

“Princess Eugenie requested her wedding dress be designed with a low back as a tribute to the hospital where she had a childhood scoliosis operation," one Twitter user observed.

Attendees were never far from tears throughout the service, although many people questioned the choice of reading from Eugenie's sister Beatrice.

The Princess read a passage from The Great Gatsby, the ultimately tragic story of a conman and criminal who tricks those around him into believing he is a wealthy aristocrat.

“The reading is nice but… do they know how Gatsby ends?" commented one person on Twitter.

But after the vows and rings were exchanged the happy couple kissed on the steps of the chapel and reminded viewers that, no matter what happens, weddings should be a joyous event for all.

A version of this article originally appeared on Press Association.