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Georgia Police Buy Birthday Cake For One-Year-Old After Finding Her Mother On The Side Of The Road Trying To Get Home To Celebrate

A birthday cake bought by Gwinnett County Police (Gwinnett County Police)

Police bought a birthday cake for a one-year-old girl after finding her mother by the side of the road trying to get home.

Officers from Gwinnett County Police in Georgia stumbled across the incident as they were auditing old bodycam footage this week.

In the footage, which was recorded on January 10, two officers – Nicholas Boney and Jimmy Wilson – can be seen approaching a woman who is standing on a roadside carrying balloons.

When they offer to give her a lift somewhere, she reveals she is trying to get home to celebrate her daughter's birthday and is hoping to buy her a cake.

Sgt. Boney can then be seen giving his credit card to Officer Wilson and instructing him to buy a cake and a candle.

As shown in the video, the two police officers then took the lady home and sang Happy Birthday to her daughter along with the family.

The clip was hugely popular on social media, with one Facebook user commenting:

"This is what we need to see more of on the news!! And in this world! Thank you Officers for taking care of everyone in our community!"

Another commented:

"So proud to live in Gwinnett County where we have the best police & fire department! Love that the public is getting to see just how special these brave men & women really are!"