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Podcaster Hit With Backlash After Claiming A Woman Having An Instagram Account Is '100% Cheating'

Podcaster Hit With Backlash After Claiming A Woman Having An Instagram Account Is '100% Cheating'

One positive thing about social media is it gives people the ability to connect with each other. Whether catching up with someone you know, or meeting someone for the first time, the internet has truly influenced how relationships, whether friendly or romantic, can start.

Unfortunately, if you’re not feeling secure in your romantic relationship, social media’s ability to connect people together can feel like a threat.

A sound bite from the podcast Fresh & Fit is making its way around TikTok.

In the clip, host Myron Gaines shares he feels women who are in committed relationships shouldn’t have Instagram accounts, because it is “cheating”.

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Gaines gave a long explanation of his logic:

"I think if you're in a serious relationship with a girl she should not have an instagram."
"That's cheating."
"In my opinion, I think a woman having Instagram is 100% cheating."

He then stated women should only be posting pictures of themselves if they are making money off of it.

"Especially if she has scantily clad photos of herself on the internet and she's not making money off of it, which a lot of women tend to do."
"They Instagram just for attention."

He then dropped the knowledge women get gratification from male attention, comparing it to how men like to have sex... as if women do not like that as well.

"And I think for women, attention is like sex for men."

He wrapped up his explanation with some objectification, implying women who post pictures of themselves are advertising they are available to men.

"Women love attention from the opposite gender."
"If you're in a serious relationship with a girl and she still has a 'for sale' sign on her neck, I think that's very disrespectful."

TikTokers have spoken, and thankfully everyone thinks Gaines sounds ridiculous.



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A lot of people thought Gaines' opinion was a major red flag.

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Gaines' thoughts seem to reflect whatever insecurities he is dealing with.

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The consensus?

Women having confidence and bodily autonomy does not equate to cheating.

Daily Dot reached out to Gaines for further comment, but he has not responded to the backlash yet.