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Woman Sparks Outrage After Using Pickup Truck To Make Giant Bowl Of Ramen To 'Feed The Homeless'

Facebook page 'Fast, Funny, & Funfas' was hit with backlash after their video went viral.

Screenshots of woman making ginormous bowl of instant ramen using her truck.
Fast, Funny, & Funfas/Facebook

A woman patted herself on the back for her philanthropy that involved feeding the unhoused from her truck bed filled with ramen.

Social media users gagged as they watched her dump tons of uncooked instant ramen blocks, chicken stock seasoning, a giant tub of melted butter, and gallons of hot water into the back of her pickup truck lined with a plastic sheet.

She then stepped into separate garbage bags while standing on the street, mind you, and climbed into her mobile cauldron to combine together the ingredients in her soupy slop.

Well, she stirred things up all right.

The internet was outraged after watching the stunt that was posted on the Fast, Funny, & Funfas Facebook page–which "includes scripted videos for your entertainment."

"Kindhearted woman feeds hundreds out of her truck bed!" read the caption, adding:

"Girl uses a Ford F150 to make massive amounts of Ramen and drive it around to feed hungry, homeless people!"

Twitter user @Notdojaaa also posted the clip, writing in the caption:

"What an extremely lame thing to stage."

You can watch the clip here.

She drove the unsanitary food truck to a park she said "tends to have a lot of homeless people."

"Hey, look," she said to her friend who was riding with her and documenting the action.

As she pulled up, the woman pointed to a man wearing a beanie and lying on the dirt near the parking lot holding a sign that said, "NEED $."

"See?" she said to her friend, confirming she knew exactly where to go to feed the hungry.

The friend called the man over, offered him a bowl, and basically told him to help himself to the buffet of noodles in the back if he was hungry.

The friend also offered the confused man a spoon–which is apparently suitable for picking up slippery noodles with.

The man helped himself by ladling oodles of cooked Top Ramen into his bowl and asked for another bowl for a second helping.

He was eventually given an additional $20 bill before the woman and her friend drove off feeling good about their charity.

The text overlay at the end read:

"Please share if you thought this was sweet."

"Sweet" was not what came to mind for disgusted Twitter users.

Users continued admonishing the woman for exploiting the unhoused for clout and for viewing those who are less fortunate like animals that eat from a trough.

There were so many things about the contrived endeavor that prompted the backlash.

People thought it was telling the woman chose to protect her shoes instead of food.

The original video on the Facebook page also had a slew of negative reactions.

Many viewers were not amused by the creators passing themselves off as good samaritans for the sake of entertainment.

"It’s really sad Facebook allows people like you to post, let alone call yourselves content creators."
"I hope our friend Karma takes care of that where need be. This was beyond messed up to do."

Another commenter criticized:

"There’s a special place in H$LL for exploiting vulnerable unhoused people. I hope the little coin you made from this was worth it!!"

And a third commenter suggested the creators could have found redemption.

"Instead of doing this for hate views u could have easily cooked them in a giant pot and actually offered it to real homeless people and u would have gotten the same amount of views."