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Photographer Calls Out Trump After He Tried To Pass Off A 4-Year-Old Photo Of Trump Yard Signs As New

Photographer Calls Out Trump After He Tried To Pass Off A 4-Year-Old Photo Of Trump Yard Signs As New
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Gearing up for his upcoming campaign rally in Nevada, President Donald Trump began tweeting pictures of flags and signs bearing his name thanking his would be supporters.

One tweet in particular caused waves and some copyright issues as the photographer's name was no where to be seen. The tweet was shared over 25,000 on Twitters and contained an uncredited 2016 photo taken by ProPublica journalist Alec MacGillis.

ProPublica was quick to respond to the President's tweet with both thanks and some crediting advice.

Photographer Alec MacGillis had called out the deceptive use of their old photo by Trump asking where the credit was and saying in a tweet:

"Here it is, March 2016."
"You're living in the past, @realDonaldTrump."

Twitter users were not surprised at Trump's misleading choice.

Now in 2020 amid a global pandemic, the 2016 description of the signage science by MacGillis sadly, rings truer today.

MacGillis had said:

"I was looking for a professional sign-maker who had turned his West Carrollton ranch house into a distribution point for Trump yard signs, in high demand just days prior to the Ohio Republican primary,"

Writing further:

"Instead of piling the signs in the driveway, he had arrayed them in his yard along the road. There they were, dozens and dozens of them, lined up in rows like the uniform gravestones in a military cemetery."

Many Twitter user's echoed MacGillis' description remembering the near 200,000 American lives lost due to the pandemic and how the current administration has handled it.

With the strict rules and emphasis put on proper citation in an academic setting it was surprising that a Wharton Business School graduate and falsely self-described top student would not understand the basics of proper attribution.

Some twitter users encouraged legal action for the infringement.

May everyone stay safe, well, and remember the importance of giving others proper credit for their work.

Hopefully Tump will also take full credit for his 4 years in office, including his resistant response in prioritizing American health during this 2020 crisis.