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Right-Wing Commentator Slams 'Mario' Movie For Princess Peach Not Being 'Helpless' Enough

Conservative mouthpiece Anna Perez accused 'The Super Mario Bros Movie' of 'brainwashing' girls 'to be a feminist' by showing a 'badass' Princess Peach.

LFA TV screenshot of Anna Perez; Universal Studios screenshot of Princess Peach from "The Super Mario Bros. Movie"
LFA TV; Universal Pictures

Right-wing commentator Anna Perez became the subject of brutal online mockery after she complained that the upcoming Super Mario Bros. film is "brainwashing" girls "to be a feminist" by showing a "badass" Princess Peach in its recent trailer.

The upcoming animated film is set to shake up the traditional roles of the franchise's characters, particularly Princess Peach. Previously depicted as a passive damsel in distress, Peach will now be portrayed as a strong leader who balances ruling a kingdom, fighting Bowser, and riding a motorbike.

A clip of her reaction is included below.

This angered Perez, who said the film is training girls to depart from traditional gender roles.

You can hear what she said in the video below.

Perez said:

"What they are doing is they're either trying to brainwash society into thinking that's how young girls are supposed to be and this is dangerous because then we have women who go out there and think they're men and they wind up getting hurt, they wind up getting raped... who's going to consume this content with young kids?" ...
"The reality is this has actual ramifications on society. Young women see stuff like this and this brainwashess them to be a feminist, to be a badass feminist, and it's not realistic!" ...
"This like, badass b***h culture is ruining culture and it's ruining society and nobody knows where they stand anymore."

Perez was swiftly mocked online.

Directors Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic explained in a recent issue of Total Film magazine why they felt it was important to give Peach a stronger role in the film.

However, the film still relies on the classic damsel in distress archetype for the character of Luigi. According to the directors, Luigi will find himself in a nerve-wracking predicament where he must survive "interrogations with Bowser" to "make it through the gauntlet."

Meanwhile, Peach will be depicted as the monarch who leads a kingdom of "hapless, adorable Toads," and the directors have emphasized the strength she would need to "protect her people."