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People Are Sharing Their Ages Through Important Events That Happened The Year They Were Born

Focus on Sport/Getty Images

Kyle Ashley is just a normal guy trying to live his normal guy life.

He's a former Toronto police officer, big on bicycles, and is totally down to fight for people's rights.

He's also responsible for a Twitter game that is currently trending—and is both teaching us a lot about history and kind of making some of us feel old.

The premise is simple—tell people how old you are without telling them how old you are.

Instead, cite something that happened the year you were born. For example, I made my debut the same year Michael Jackson's Thriller album did. Kyle referred to himself as "Michael Jordan's 58pt game years old."

Here's his initial tweet:

For whatever reason, people LOVED the idea of this game. The post has over 17 thousand responses!

Obviously we can't show them all, but we can talk about some of the patterns that emerged.

Some people opted to share some seriously sad world events as their year defining moment.

But most people opted to share media events—and it was amazing!

So tell us, how old are you?