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Pence Dragged For Boasting The Trump Administration Didn't Get America Into Any New Wars

Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

Republican Vice President Mike Pence took to Twitter as the end of his time in office came to a close to brag about how the Trump administration entered no "new wars."

Pence was immediately dragged by many Twitter users, however, who reminded him the country had suffered plenty despite avoiding new foreign wars.

Some Americans were of the opinion that the self-inflicted damage done to the U.S. during the Trump administration was just as harmful as the toll of a military conflict.

America has seen its fair share of armed conflict right here at home.

And although America hasn't entered any new wars, some foreign policy experts believe the Trump administration has left us in a worse position than before.

Pence's tweet fit into his standard pattern of endless praise for President Trump and his administration.

Though Mike Pence's tweet may be technically correct, it seems hard to believe that the Trump Presidency will be remembered as a peaceful one.