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Patriots Coach Bill Belichick Roasted Hard After Utterly Failing At Properly Wearing A Face Mask

Patriots Coach Bill Belichick Roasted Hard After Utterly Failing At Properly Wearing A Face Mask
Kathryn Riley/Getty Images ; @Fox6TedPerry/Twitter

Apparently properly wearing a face mask is harder than winning the Super Bowl. Coach Bill Belichick has won the Super Bowl six times, but was incapable of properly wearing a face mask during Sunday night's game against the Seahawks.

People wear their masks incorrectly all the time. It's not just that it was incorrect that got people's attention. It was the myriad of ways it was incorrect and the fact that it spent the night moving around all over the place.

Fans of the 1993 classic Robin Hood: Men In Tights will remember the running bit about Prince John's mole—it ended up in different places on his face throughout the film. Sunday night's game had that same energy.

It was like every time Belichick showed up on screen there was something new going on. Sometimes the mask sat on his nose but not his mouth—like a beak. A few times Belichick opted to cover his mouth and bunch the mask on his top lip—sort of covering the openings of his nostrils, but not really. We're pretty sure it was upside down. The straps were struggling to keep things in place.

We could keep trying to explain, but everybody knows visuals work better for this sort of thing. Thankfully, Twitter was so obsessed with Belichick's mask shenanigans that there are plenty of pictures available to show you.

Plus plenty of roasting to go with the pics.

The comparisons were just *chef's kiss*

The Patriots ended up losing that game 35-30. We're not saying the mask distracted everyone on the field, but it certainly distracted everyone watching.

The mask, and whether or not Belichick was wearing it incorrectly on purpose became a major talking point. The NFL has begun issuing steep fine to coaches and players who are in violation of their mask rule. In total, over a million dollars in fines have already been doled out.

Was Belichick purposefully poking at the issue? Does he deserve a fine as well?

Some people seem to think so.

So what are your thought on Belichick's beak-mask? Fineworthy or fashion-forward? We know for sure it's not doing a thing to protect from the spread of COVID.